Liquid CO2

Boiling point (F.) @ 1 atm 109.3F (-78.5C)
Triple point (F.) @ 1 atm 76 (-56.66oC and 75.1 lbs/sqin.a)
Vapor pressure (psia) @ 68F (20C) 831 psia (56,5 atm)
Solubility in water @ 68F (20C), 1 atm 87.8% by volume
Vapor density (lb/cu ft) @ 68F (20C), 1 atm 0.115
Specific gravity (AIR=1) @ 68F (20C), 1 atm 1.53
Liquid density (lb/cu ft) @ -35 (-37oC) 11 atm 68.74
Specific gravity (H20=1) Solid @ -110F (-79C),1 atm 1.56
Appearance and odor
Carbon dioxide is colorless and odorless as gas or liquid. It is stored in containers under its own vapor pressure. If the pressure is suddenly relieved, the liquid rapidly cools as it evaporates and sublimes, forming dry ice at -109.3F (-78.5C)

CO2 displaces the oxygen in the container and hence the microbes feel difficult to breathe. High freezing point of CO2 inhibits the growth of both the aerobic & anaerobic bacteria during handling, packing and transportation of cashew. CO2 ensures the inertness.

When CO2 is used for bird / animal slaughtering it destabilizes them by immersing in CO2 filled tank. Due to this, they remain unconsciousness and bleed out properly which ensures a better meat quality. Liquid CO2 is used to freeze the meat products as well as to maintain cold chain during transportation.

Pure CO2 as a shielding gas primarily protects the molten weld metal from getting contaminated due to oxygen and other atmospheric gases. Besides shielding the molten weld metal the physical properties of CO2 offer many advantages like low cost weld. Consistent achievement of sound welds; more welding speed needed penetration, increased heat input, good width of fusion, achievement of good mechanical properties and globular transfer.

Liquid CO2 splits in to snow and vapor, white CO2 vapor reduces product temperature to below 0 degree (Pre Cooling). Snow will increase temperature to above -30 degree centigrade. This inhibits the growth of aerobic, anaerobic and cold loving bacteria. Hence ground spice powder looks fresh with extended shelf life which appeals to customers.

CO2 with its varied inherent properties suits for effluent water treatment .PH reduction assumes more importance in a wide range of user segments as it replaces the conventionally used acids which have many inherent side effects. With pollution control boards setting stringent norms and deadlines for upgrading the existing systems. Many user segments have turned to eco- friendly cost effective.

Pure carbon dioxide is one popular extinguisher material. Carbon dioxide is kept in pressurized liquid form in the cylinder. When the container is forcefully opened, the CO2 expands to form a gas in the atmosphere. Since CO2 is heavier then oxygen, it displaces CO2 surrounding the burning fuel.

There are four main ingredients in beer namely barley, water, hops and yeast. In brewing, a process called the mash converts the starches in the malted barley into fermentable sugars. Purging the beer bottle with CO2 several times before it is filled is also taking place in the industry. The bottles are pressurized with CO2 so that when the beer is forced into the bottles under pressure it doesn’t foam up to much.

CO2 is a fundamental ingredient of all carbonated beverages, beer, soft drinks and mineral waters. CO2 offers additional benefits like increased product stability, flavor enhancement, boosted texture impression & freshness visual communication. The presence of CO2 prevents mould growth and the high levels of acidity & carbonation help to inhibit the growth of yeasts and lactic acid bacteria.