Why we are preferred

Its vast experience, clear understanding by offering tailor-made solutions to customers, fulfilling commitment consistently, helps BIG Group to be the most preferred supplier by a large cross-section, including the market leaders in each Industry. We have customers Like Coca Cola, Pepsico, Parxair, Skol in our endless list.

Liquid CO2 is supplied to conventional users like Aerated Beverages (soft drinks), Breweries, Chemicals, Fire Extinguishers, Metal Fabrication etc. We are also working with customers in new applications like Dry-Ice Blasting , Leather Processing, Meat Processing, Spice Grinding, Super Critical Fluid Extraction Technology, Effluent and Water Treatment, etc.

BIG Group produces food grade CO2 consistent with international specifications and hence have been the approved vendors for all major soft drink companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Skol Breweries, the largest beer manufacturer in the country.

Dry ice produced by us is Food Grade and is free of bacteria, sulphur and hydro carbons. Because of its high density, it is long lasting. It is used by all the ice cream vendors and for transport of sea food, frozen food and meat products and for domestic and export markets. The food grade Dry ice produced by us is also being used by all the ice cream, pharmaceutical industries and International Airlines for packing and preserving perishable commodities. BIG Group also provides Dry Ice in the pharmaceuticals and bio-tech industry.

BIG Group is taking larger initiatives in addressing requirements of CO2 in dry ice blasting, Spice Grinding, Super Critical Technology, Water Treatment, Ground Water testing applications. To enhance its reach to new customers, BIG Group interacts with market leaders and conducts joint research and development.
The strongest base of our foundation has been our 26 years of experience and highly skilled technical staff. BIG Group has a number of technical and quality control personnel in its organization involved in the manufacture, distribution and sale of CO2. BIG Group has a professionally qualified team that manages the business. BIG Group design and project development team is responsible for in-house design development and execution of CO2 liquid plants, dry ice machines, storage and mobile tanks, and other related equipments, like cylinder filling pumps, manifold systems etc. The Engineering services team oversees the installation and maintenance of Plants & storage tanks at customers places besides taking care of its own plants and storage systems.

BIG Group’s logistic team takes care of operation and maintenance of its vehicles. And the marketing team together with Applied Business personnel brings in new businesses across new applications. Finance professionals ensure a prudent way of managing and leveraging funds.

Whether it is Quality control, Billing, Distribution or stores inventory, Our Whole system of BIG Group is completely computerized providing high efficiency to our customers.