CO2 Recovery Plants

PRODUCT – Carbon Dioxide Plants
BIG Group is the oldest supplier of CO2 plants in India. We not only supply Liquid CO2 & DRY ICE but also manufacture recovery plants for Breweries, Distilleries, Fertilizers & Natural Gas feed stock. The strongest base of our foundation has been our 26 years of experience and highly skilled technical staff. BIG Group has a number of technical and quality control personnel in its organization involved in the manufacturing & commissioning of plants. BIG Group has a professionally qualified team that manages this business separately. BIG Group design and project development team is responsible for in-house design development and execution of CO2 liquid plants, which are highly atomized with PLC panels. We provide Skid mounting plants for Breweries, capacity ranging from 80 Kg/hr to 500 Kg/hr. we also manufacture plants for Distilleries, Fertilizers, Natural gas (Feed stock) upto 200 tons/day capacity.

PRODUCT – Carbon Dioxide Storage Tanks
BIG Group is the oldest supplier of CO2 plants & equipments in India. Our Storage tanks are well known for its fabrication in the CO2 industry. We supply storage tanks to Food & Beverage industry and our tanks are highly efficient and are based on latest technology. We provide complete system of Storage tanks including refrigeration system, vaporizers ,load cells, PRV and carbon filters. We have an large clientage of satisfied customers, Which include MNC’s Like Pepsico, Nalco & Tata. We have lots of satisfied customers oversees and we have exported our tanks to Nepal, Bhutan, Srilanka, Zambia and Pakistan.

PRODUCT – Dry Ice Machine
BIG Group manufactures Automatic Dry Ice machines ranging from 50 kg/hr to 2000 kg/hr. The press works on hydraulic system with fully automated PLC console.
PRODUCT – Transfer & Filling Pumps
BIG Group manufactures transfer and filling pumps for liquid transfer and for cylinder filling. We design our in-house pumps and the capacity varies as per the demand of the customer. We design cylinder filling pump ranging from 50 kg/hr & transfer pump upto 20000 kg/hr capacity.

PRODUCT – Analysis Equipments
BIG Group imports the analysis equipments for testing of Liquid & Vapor Carbon Dioxide as per ISBT guidelines. We are pioneers in setting up the FOOD labs as per the latest beverages guidelines. The Analysis Equipments in the lab includes :
Zahm & Nagel
Online Analyzers
Gas Chromatographs
5XLT Detector system
Detector Pump & Tubes
Moisture Probe
BIG Group is pioneer in setting up complete labs on turn- key basis and we have an dedicated team for the training and installation of all the related equipments.

Online Analyzers
BIG Group supplies analyzers to check online Sulphur, Total Hydrocarbon, Acetaldehyde, Methanol, Benzene & Oxygen in the finished product. These analyzers carry one year onsite warranty and have the 24X7 online support system.

Gas Chromatographers
BIG Group supplies Gas Chromatographs to check Total Sulphur, Total Hydrocarbon , Methanol & Benzene in the raw product. The Gas Chromatographs carry one year onsite warranty and have the 24X7 online support system.
Detector Panels
BIG Group supplies Detector Pump & tubes for analysis of the liquid as well as vapor Carbon Dioxide as per the requirement of the customer.
Zahm & Nagel (Purity Tester)
BIG Group supplies Zahm & Nagel to check the purity of the finished as well as in the raw stream.
Moisture Probe / Meter
BIG Group supplies online moisture probes to check the moisture in the finished as well as raw Carbon Dioxide.